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Cintoria Franklin Founder... 


Today when you find a woman who has taken her life from being a victim of domestic violence to being a survivor we knows there is a GOD! Being a reputable and respected hairstylist...From styling for photo shoots, movies, doing hair for musical artists, volunteering her time and so many more achievements. You have to take notice, that there is a special extra gift in her life which has carried her to great opportunities. But if you ask her what her successes have included and what she's most proud of, you will most likely hear, Being a Mother and “Pass the Beauty” above all else.  Ms Franklin has founded and became an active volunteer in her own program.  Pass the Beauty Domestic Violence Program is for families living in shelters, homeless, single parents or living on the streets of Nashville and mental illness.

Ms. Franklin also states: When you become involved in an abusive relationships, most likely the victims are made to feel unworthy, unlovable, unwanted and all alone.  In the journey of self recovery, the work has to start from the inside first.  However, the work that Ms. Franklin does for these families aids in this organizations endeavors.  From wounds to wash and sets, domestic violence walks, Pass the beauty support group and Gala's, from bruises to bobs, from penny less to press and curls, Ms. Franklin has made it known to help in these areas through her salon alone.  Its a very honorable charity that she has embarked upon and truly loves what she does by supporting Nashville's communities.  This Organization has been awarded... The 2019 Black Excellence in Activism Award Presented by Black Nashville Honors, The 2018 Meet Us at the Bridge Award for Outstanding Survivor Presented By Nashville Coalition Against Domestic violence, The 2018 Victim to Victory Domestic violence, The 2018 Vashti Award,  The 2016 Leading Ladies Magnificent Men Spirit of Excellence Award.